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How to treat correctly warranty claims


< Oil leakage>

Most of claims are oil leakage. (Over 90%)

Probably you or customers also can judge easily.

< Noises problem>

You can find another claims in sometimes that the noises problem and so on.

But, in such case difficult to judge correctly.

Because of the customers are sometimes used incorrect fittings, used lowered spring.

Normally users never say other things without shock absorbers when they have got a problem.

If shock absorber lost function, you can feel by hand when you move shocks piston rod.

So when the shock absorbers lost function, the damping forces also almost nothing.

When you feel still remaining damping forces, we think most of them are no problem.

This year we got a cold winter in every European country.

Probably you have get customer's complains that "Shocks are too hard!".

But normally, this is a quite natural thing and it has not broken down.

The temperature when dropped under Zero (-5 to -20) degrees Celsius,

probably you can feel "shock absorbers are too hard" in sometimes.

But, when you check after few minutes drive, the problem has been went out.

Of course, our using shock absorber oil still has a performance up to -40 degrees Celsius as well.

If you still have a problem over 0 degrees Celsius, may be something happened on a suspension or shocks.

But, please take care the suspension link-bushings also getting hard at the low temperature.

Our KYB products can substitute only for OE (Genuine parts).

Sometimes you can see KYB products have a different design from OE.

Outside shape, Length, Fitting parts, and so on...

But, actually they have been investigating everything before set up.

Because we are always studying to combine one part number with wider application.

Our products must be used our original fittings when you found them into the box.

If you took wrong fitting, it makes be Noises problem, Eye-ring broken, Stem broken, or the other breakdown.

Judging by Technical side is its depending on a warranty distance or warranty mileage.

Depending on a Country.

You must control real problem or commercial warranty.

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