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KYB, the world’s largest supplier of original equipment (OE) shock absorbers, is now supplying shocks to a new generation of vehicles - the hybrid.

With growing concern about the environment, and vehicle manufacturers under increasing pressure to develop vehicles for tomorrow’s world, a number of vehicles using hybrid technology have recently been launched around the globe. Amongst these are the Honda Civic and Lexus RX330, as well as Toyota’s Prius, Previa and Camry models, all of which are also fitted with KYB shock absorbers as original equipment.

Combining an electric motor with an engine, the hybrid car not only reduces pollution but also reduces the running cost by considerably reducing fuel consumption. First seen in 1997, hybrid technology is now regarded as an affordable, attractive and practical alternative to ‘conventional’ petrol and diesel engined vehicles, and looks set to change the face of the automotive industry.

Hajime Sato, Managing Director of KYB Europe, commented: “As an environmentally responsible company ourselves, KYB is delighted to be supporting the manufacturers of these technologically advanced vehicles, and helping to develop alternative means of transport for the future.”

Globally, KYB supplies numerous original equipment vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and in addition to shock absorbers, supplies a number of automotive components for the aftermarket including coil springs, suspension mounting kits and protection kits.

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