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About company

KYB Corporation

KYB is the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers in cars for both, the Japanese car industry as well as for European Vehicles.

KYB is also one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in the segment of future Technology in case of new High – Tec Suspension for Passenger Cars in the OEM – Segment.


The company has long experience and know-how in the manufacturing of high-quality, hydraulic products, e.g. shock absorber in cars, motorcycles, machine tools and boats. Further, Kayaba produces a broad range of hydraulic, electronic and pneumatic products for industrial goods such as aircraft construction and architecture, for example.


Production Plants

KYB owns eight production plants, of which six are located in Japan, one in the USA and one plant in Europe.

Formation of KYB

In 1948, KYB Corporation was first established in Tokyo, Japan, which also locates the company's headquarters.

In 1965 began the aftermarket business in overseas, in which course the KYB America LLC was founded in 1974, followed by KYB Europe GmbH in 1988.


Kayaba's customers within the initial equipment sector are leading car manufacturers such as Audi, Alfa Romeo, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Lancia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota and VW.

ISO Certification

Certification according to ISO 900 was awarded to Kayaba in 1997, followed by the ISO 14000 certification in 2001.


Kayaba employs worldwide 6,500 co-workers, of which 75 employees work in Sales & Marketing and Logistics for the European Aftermarket Operation Sector.

Turnover 2002

With an annual production of over 50 million car shock absorbers, Kayaba earned more than approx. 2 billion US $ in turnover. Market share of Kayaba's initial equipment in the worldwide production of shock absorbers makes 23%. A clear documentation of Kayaba's leading positioning within this segment.

Within the Shock – Absorber Aftermarket – Business, KYB Corporation was successful in realising a 15% share and is set towards a further, rapid growth. On the European market, KYB Corporation already is positioned among the first three leading Shock Absorber Manufacturers and Brands in the Aftermarket.

KYB Europe GmbH

The European organisation, which operates as Kayaba Europe GmbH since 1989, exclusively deals with the sales of their own shock absorber products within the Aftermarket Business Sector.

Next to the European headquarters in Krefeld, and our subsidiaries in Great Britain and France, KYB has recently opened new subsidiaries in Italy and, only a few months ago, in Spain, thus ensuring a better provisioning for those important markets in the future.


The move in August 2003 into a completely new built company building in Krefeld and the subsequently anew investment, documents the company's severe willingness towards re-adjusting to future needs. At the moment, some 500,000 shock absorbers are stored in a storage building with over 11,000 m2, including some 10,800 palette storing positions.


Within the Shock – Absorber Aftermarket Business sector, these include Sales Distribution in Germany and Europe, such as ATR and COPARTS, as well as the French ADI France and SDL or Transhock in Great Britain.


Europe has got a possible market potential of approx. 18 millions of Pieces in the European Aftermarket Shock- Absorber – Business for Passenger Cars. In Germany, a current volume of only 2,6 million shock absorbers are considered to be existent in the Independent Aftermarket.

Germany, with approx. 3,5% in all licensed cars has the lowest replacement rate within Europe, whereas France generates some 5%.

Within ten years, KYB Europe was able to position itself from literally nil, to be among the Top 3 in most of the European countries. It therefore has become an important location for Kayaba's worldwide Shock Absorber Business in the Replacement – Market.

Specific Characteristics

KYB also uses its entire know-how, which it was able to generate together with the car manufacturing industry over many years, in its products for the Aftermarket Business.

Meaning nothing less than that the same products supplied to the car manufacturing industry, are used 1:1 in the Aftermarket - Business. Most importantly however is, that KYB thereby offers its customers the best possible product with regard to quality, safety and longevity. Thus acting in the best possible and renown Japanese manner.

 Innovative Products of Initial Equipment Quality

Q u a l i t y

To its owners, Japanese cars cause the least concern with regard to MOTs. And even in the statistics of breakdowns, they only play a minor role. And it is KYB, too, that provides for the quality of "made in Japan": Being a worldwide successful supplier to the car manufacturing industry, Kayaba has established itself especially with its shock absorbers in both, the initial equipment as well as in the Replacement Market.

P r o d u c t i o n  V o l u m e

With 55 million shock absorbers produced by KYB, the company today stands for the largest production volume in car shock absorbers worldwide, with an overall world market share of 23%.

D i v e r s i t y   o f   P r o d u c t  R a n g e

With its specific initial equipment quality, KYB in the mean time, has established itself as leading supplier in the Aftermarket Shock-Absorber Business, too. The company offers a broad range of oil and gas shock absorbers for cars.

The catalogue contains some 3,500 products; approx. 3,5 million shock absorbers are sold now per year in the Replacement - Market in Europe. Car coverage, with regard to the total number of cars in Europe totals nearly 98%. There is hardly any car in Europe, which is not equipped with KYB shock absorbers. The professional service, a 97% daily availability combined with a market-oriented pricing and a strong customer-oriented service complete the success story.

P r o d u c t   I n n o v a t i o n s

The KYB engineers at the Japanese development departments permanently work hard to develop new innovative products. Here, for instance, they developed the Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) for the Audi RS6. With this device, the probably most sporting estate car from Ingolstadt, can easily be steered around corners just like a sports car. The DRC is a purely hydraulically working rolling and pitching adjustment, which significantly reduces chassis movements in curves or when braking. This is ensured through KYB shocks joint with diagonally run oil pipes combined with a specific check valve.

Innovative Products of Initial Equipment Quality

Kayaba Shock Absorbers World-class Shock Absorbers of absolute Initial Equipment Quality

Premium – Line: Oil Standard Shock Absorbers
very good damping
very good performance
very comfortable
very good longevity
Much value for a very good product.
It should not be less.

Excel – G – Line: Gas charged Shock Absorbers
excellent damping
excellent performance
excellent comfortable
extreme longevity
The best choice.
All you need.

Gas-A-Just – Line: Mono-Tube Gas charged Shock Absorbers
highest damper performance,
best comfort,
highest performance even with heavy loading
or while driving with trailers,
best possible capability with heavy vehicles
High performance Shock Absorbers for high demands


KYB Sportive Shock Absorbers

World-class Shock Absorbers of absolute Initial Equipment Quality

Ultra SR – Line: Gas charged Shock Absorbers
ultimate damping performance
ultimate road holding via sportive, firm adjustments,
qualitative stability
Perfect performance for the sportive driver

MonoMax  Mono-Tube – Line: Gas charged Shock Absorbers
maximum performance through mono-tube design
maximum stability through oversized cylinder
maximum driving comfort both, on the road and off-road
First choice for all-wheel vehicles and pick-ups. No compromises.

AGX – Line: Adjustable Gas charged Shock Absorbers
individual adjustment of damping performance
in pull and pressure level
individual adjustment in 4 or 8 levels within seconds
individual adjustment without fitting or demounting
or special tools
Comfortable and sportive, a damper in all driving situations.

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